What are the 3 most common male sexual fantasies?

Everyone, whether a man or a woman, has a fantasy. However, men's fantasies are often classified as top secret and they don't dare to talk about them. What are the 3 most popular male sexual fantasies? 

Role Playing

This fairly popular fantasy involves a power relationship such as teacher-student, doctor-patient, and even boss-employee. In these scenarios, men see themselves with a female partner and ask that this partner play an overbearing woman who abuses her power, all in a safe environment. Most men have some sort of unresolved tension or trauma with an authority figure. There is also the taboo. In everyday life, men are not supposed to be sexually attracted to women in dominant roles, but in fantasy scenarios, everything becomes perfect, since the taboo always exacerbates the eroticism. 

Multi-partner plan

Having sex with several partners at the same time is a fantasy for both men and women. Even couples have this fantasy and most men prefer it to be with two or more women. This fantasy may even be the number one fantasy for men, as it is said to reinforce the myth of sexual vigor and virility. In addition, having sex with two women at the same time is a source of excitement for men. Having a threesome reinforces the idea that men are strong, masculine and especially manly, since very few men imagine having sex with two women or a man and a woman. 

The uniform

The uniform often provokes a certain excitement in partners. According to one sex therapist, the uniform fantasy refers to the idea that no one is at my service. At this level, we find, as in the case of the threesome, the importance of virility, the idea of possession, and even of toxic masculinity. Indeed, the character of domination is very represented in this fantasy, the person is at the disposal of the man and it totally ignores the notion of consent. Nurses, flight attendants and lawyers are therefore often desired by these men.