How to make love with a pregnant woman?

Pregnancy is an important period in a woman's life. It is characterized by significant morphological changes. These changes may not make a man want to have sex with his wife. However, there are effective techniques that can make it easy to do so. How to do it? 

Psychological preparation 

Psychological preparation before the sexual act is very important for both men and women. The female body changes a lot because of the fact that her hormones are in full boil. Men must understand that they will be facing a partner with a new personality. Hormones have a strong influence on female sexuality, resulting in increased sensations, pain and possibly loss of sexual desire. To achieve a fulfilling sexual relationship, the man must adapt to the woman's desires and be very patient.

Sexual positions to adopt 

In general, unless contraindicated by a doctor, there are no specific restrictions to having sex with a pregnant woman. However, it is important to avoid positions that are too violent or that crush the baby. However, there are suitable positions for each trimester. 

In the first trimester, for example, there are no major morphological changes. The couple can afford to keep their usual positions. In the second trimester, however, the first changes start to become visible. The safest positions for better sensations are spooning, doggy style and Andromache. The spoon is the most suitable position for sexual intercourse. It allows to caress the clitoris during the act and to forget for a moment the presence of the baby. Doggy style gives more mobility; however, it is important to mention that this position will not hold during the third trimester. 

In the third trimester, it is still possible to continue intercourse. However, when pregnancy is difficult and intercourse is not possible, the couple should maintain intimate contact by taking a bath together, for example.