Natural aphrodisiacs

The libido is like a human being who deserves maintenance. Natural aphrodisiacs are often called to the rescue for the success of this maintenance. What are these natural aphrodisiacs?

The chocolate

Extracted from cocoa, chocolate is a food substance with a sweet taste. This solidified paste is an aphrodisiac gift from nature. Chocolate contains L-arginine which is involved in the proper functioning of testosterone. L-arginine is an amino acid that has undergone profound transformations in the body to become nitric acid. Apart from this amino acid, chocolate stimulates theobromine and androcephalus. Theobromine is a molecule similar to caffeine. It is of energetic nature and has the role to make barrier to all the receptors which prevent the sexual excitation to be manifested in all its plenitude.


It is a form of vegetable that is being consumed more and more. Those who consume it are certainly unaware of the aphrodisiac virtues of the plant. Asparagus increases the production of testosterone. Nobody ignores the place of choice that testosterone occupies in the vast field of sexuality. Regardless of this obvious fact, asparagus contains very enriching nutritional and caloric values. For example, boiled asparagus and canned asparagus have 20 and 21 calories respectively. Nutrients such as carbohydrates, lipids and others are also an integral part of asparagus. All of these elements can only sharpen the libido.

The truffle

The truffle is a form of mushroom that grows. Like asparagus, it is also on the list of natural products that can meet the aphrodisiac requirements. Its presence is far from being a coincidence when we remember that the truffle is composed of fiber, vitamins A, B, D as well as minerals. Each of the nutritional wealth consolidates the libido. In detail and explicitly, sexual vigor is the responsibility of vitamins. The minerals, on the other hand, strengthen the whole body with iron, potassium and phosphorus. To enjoy the wonders of truffles, it is advisable to consume them in sufficient quantities.