Top 3 lingerie for women

A true source of fantasy for many people, women's lingerie is made for their pleasure as well as to enhance their shape. The lingerie that a woman wears says a lot about her. We can guess the flirtatious, sensual or fatal women. What are the top 3 lingerie for women?

Victoria's Secret

The Victoria's Secret brand is one of the best lingerie brands for women on the market. When it comes to high-end lingerie, Victoria's Secret lingerie is the top brand. Sensual and extravagant, the lingerie of this brand can quickly spice up the sex life of couples.

The concept of the Victoria's Secret brand often addresses themes such as flowers or butterflies. The colors speak for themselves and make the lingeries of this brand appetizers that can open the sexual appetite. With this brand, extravagance and luxury are the order of the day for a true naughty girl.


Very famous in the rank of women's lingerie brands, Aubade designs its lingeries for femme fatales. Everything is focused on seduction and refinement. All women who wear this brand must feel this freedom, this elegance, but also this added value that makes the female body irresistible. 

For personal pleasure or that of the other, this brand does not skimp in designing fine and very sophisticated lingerie. Boldness and innovation are the main assets of this brand. To magnify your body and make your partner fantasize, this is the brand to turn to.

Negative underwear

This brand of women's lingerie emphasizes simplicity and minimalism. It is the antipode of the extravagance of the brand Victoria's Secret. Despite this, it is very flirty and comfortable lingerie for all those who want to wear it. The Negative underwear brand does not use lace or bows for its lingerie.

It is a brand that takes into account all types of women. When it comes to value for money, this brand is the best. The comfortable and simple design of this lingerie does not make it a naughty lingerie. On the contrary, women's women are perfectly designed for it.